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This is a unique blog that emphasizes on lifestyle,

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Eat a wholesome diet & the most

nutrient-dense foods to thrive and smile

Health Goals

How to achieve our ultimate health goals?

With the proper care, just like an organic tiny seed evolves into a luscious, delicious vegetable, the human body evolves into a happy, healthy & loving being. With the proper mindset and a little help, it’s a piece of cake (pun intended) to achieve our ultimate health goals.


Best life journey

Live it like you mean it, with abundance

Note to self:


Purity of heart & clarity of mind gives the surety for life…

Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach…

Ram Sharma,

Perhaps, we should be thankful just to awake every morning as we face


Greater purpose

The theme of this photograph:

Making a lasting mark & having a flexible perspective!

Purpose gives us hope, a smile and a reason to live life to its fullest. It makes us honorable, empathetic and compassionate.


Are you content or do you feel alone, empty inside (lack of). Do you sense that there should be more to life? Or do you suffocate during 20, 21 pandem? Implementing a life purpose is a good idea and can help you in many ways.

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